What is the life life span of "Délices D'autrefois" products?

It is 24 months, if the product has not been opened from it’s original sealed packaging, and also kept under normal temperature. If the lid surrenders when you press on it, avoid consumption, air might have infiltrated, diminishing the allowed time of conservation of the products.

How can I identify the expiration date on the product?

The numbers on the lid represent the expiration date and is read in this manner:

  • 6 234 16
  • 6 : lot number
  • 234 : Expiration date. The 234th day of the year.
  • 16 : Year of expiration 2016
How can I be certain that the food is safe?

We are proud to have been attributed the highest certification of food safety standards, it being the FSSC 22000, recognized worldwide by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). The products are made, packed and expedited under the highest sanitary norms. The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is an industry-driven initiative providing thought leadership and guidance on food safety management system controls necessary to assure the safety of the food supply chain.

Are there any allergens not mentioned on your products?

We practice and have very strict guidelines that enable us to avoid cross contamination of the products with allergens not present in the product, but signaled in the factory. Therefore, there is no allergen alert unless mentioned in writing on the packaging of the product.

How to easily open a mason jar

Here are a few tips:  Turn the product in one hand, delicately tap the bottom of the jar with the other hand. Tap the sides of the lid with a wooden spoon. If you have little grip on the lid, try with a cloth or even a wide elastic band.

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